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“6 Weeks to a Calmer Stomach”

Low FODMaP IBS Diet™ is a powerful, yet easy to use solution that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to improve your IBS symptoms.

You’ll get instant access to Dr. Dierenfeldt’s online “6 Weeks to a Calmer Stomach” program where our specialized team, including Registered Dietician Anna Binder, will teach you everything you need to improve your IBS symptoms!

Some of the Benefits of Low FODMaP IBS Diet Membership…..

BenefitsofMembershipHow does the “Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach” Program Work?

I’ve been a Gastroenterologist for over 15 years, so I’ve had a lot of time, research and clinical experience to understand IBS and all it’s manifestations. And I’ve had great success in coaching my patients back to vibrant health and freedom from abdominal pain and the constant anxiety it produces.

The “Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach” program has been developed over many years and tested and proven with my private patients. But the online version of the program is brand new.

So I want to cut you a deal for being in the first group of people to climb on board. Not only will you invest a small fraction of what it costs to visit my clinic in person, I’m going to let you in for a fraction of the cost I will be charging for this online program in the future.

From the moment you sign up you’ll get access to the members only area and the main chunk of knowledge the whole program is based around. My book, “Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach”.

The first weeks video lesson and action plan will be laid out, ready for you to devour. Each weeks lesson is simple to follow, but the impact on your health will be amazing.

All you have to do is watch the video, read the simple material and commit to taking each action immediately.

The funny thing is, you don’t have to do more. You only need to do less at this point.

You will see that the Week two material will not be available. There’s a good reason for this which became apparent as I was conducting the program here in my clinic. I had clients trying to jump ahead in the program.

The problem was they weren’t laying the proper foundation work. Skipping ahead was just keeping them stuck the in IBS merry-go round.

So to keep you on track we take it one step at a time.

When the first week is over, week two will open up and you’ll have access to the next part of the program. And that’s how we will continue.

Preparation, Elimination, Re-introduction.

We’re working on the whole body.

So in week one we lay the foundation. Through video I’ll be there to help you grasp the preparation work, and carefully explain what we are going to do and why. So your not just following orders blindly.

I’m going to train you to know more about IBS and how to deal with it better than the vast majority of doctors. In fact you’ll find you know more about nutrition and food science than a normal med school graduate sees in their entire 7 years of training.

But don’t panic. It’s all laid out in very simple terms. Plain English, very easy to understand.

Then once you’ve got your head around some easy to digest concepts (who says Gastroenterologists can’t make jokes), the first two weeks are devoted to eliminating the most common causes of irritation to your gut.

After that we begin to re-introduce many of them back into your diet. If something triggers your symptoms, then we know which ones you really do need to keep out. Rather than just guess… and force you to give up food you don’t need to, which you really love.

You Won’t Be Alone.

I won’t lie to you. The first two weeks are tough.

You will experience cravings for things you know are triggering your symptoms. But the good thing is, you won’t have to face this tough period alone. And you’ll have people to bounce ideas and frustrations around with.

Part of the beauty of this program is being a member of an exclusive community of people dealing with exactly the same issues. The best way to go on a journey is to go with others heading in the same direction, following people who’ve already blazed a proven trail

There will be people to talk to who’ve already leaped over the same hurdles you are experiencing. And as you get down the road to freedom from IBS you’ll be able to lend a hand and supporting word to others in return.

All completely anonymous if you wish.

The forum is a safe place to vent your frustrations among people who understand. No internet trolls. Just a support network there when you need them.

I’ll also be a frequent contributor on the forum, answering questions and sharing everything I know to help you get this unfortunate part of life over and done with.  Dr. D

Plus, I’ve provided direct private access to me. There is a facility to message me directly with a question if you feel it’s something you want to discuss privately. Searching the forum and the frequently asked questions is a great way to get answers fast.  What are you waiting for?

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Not Just One Week. A Whole 30 Days Satisfaction Or Your Money Back.

I’m so certain I can bring bounce and energy back into your life and end the embarrassment and discomfort of IBS, I’m going to do something I’ve never seen another doctor do in my life.  A money back guarantee!

 If you’re not completely satisfied that by working together with me… and the rest of the community… we can’t put an end to your IBS symptoms… just let me know and I’ll send you every cent straight back to your account.

And You Can Keep Everything You’ve Already Received.

As I said before. The main chunk of knowledge in this program is the ebook which the whole program revolves around.

I’m going to give you this ebook in digital form straight away when you join up. It’s right there in the members only area ready for you to grab.

And all the weekly material is printable. So all the material you get access to in that first 30 day period is yours to keep. It’s the part of the program where the biggest changes happen.

But just know, if you do pull out, I won’t have the opportunity to coach you on how to keep those changes as part of your life. And you’ll lose access to the community. Which many of my clients who’ve test driven the online program say is the best part.

It keeps them on target because they don’t feel the weight of going it alone. And it’s a safe private place to vent when they need to.

Get Started Today!

Here’s What You Need To Do If You Want To Join.

It’s very easy.

All you have to do is click on the Get Started Today button!

You’ll be taken to an order page to select your payment method.

Fill in the form, making sure you provide me with a correct email address.

Then you’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration. You’ll sign in with username and password and you’re in. You can begin the first foundational training toward reclaiming your digestive system. Ridding yourself of debilitating bloating, gas, diarrhea and the mind haze that accompany it.

 And get back to having a life of energy, freedom from embarrassment, good healthy food, resistance to a wide range of disease… and everything that comes with losing a major stress in your life.

All the first steps are laid out ready for you to get going, and the community and myself will be there to guide you on your way.

Get Started Today!

You’ll get…

  • A complete version of my ebook “Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach”.
  • Weekly foundational reading based on research specific to IBS.
  • Weekly cut to the core training videos helping you focus on the most important information and actions to take to bring your gut back to health fast.
  • Recipes designed for each phase of the program so you can eat great healthy meals without having to figure out what to do each week in the kitchen.
  • Weekly specific action plans so you know exactly where you are in the program and won’t accidentally do something that re-triggers your symptoms when your gut is not ready.
  • Access to the online forum for support and answers to pressing questions.
  • Access to the “Ask The Doctor” section so you can ask private important questions if you need.
  • The ability to print all the material as it becomes available.
  • A full library of researched articles and links to pertinent scientific studies and information
  • A full 30 days to decide if you want your money back.

Get Started Today!

So Get To The Point. How Much Is This Going To Cost?

As I said earlier. I’ve designed this online version of my Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach program for two main reasons.

First I can’t cope with the number of patients I have to see. IBS has become a major health concern in the US and indeed all over the world. And being one of the few who really understand the condition puts me in high demand.

 My private clients pay up to $220 for just one consultation, depending on the level of help they request.

Secondly, I want to create a cheaper way for people to access the program no matter where in America, or the world, they are.

 I also told you I’m so excited about creating the online version of the program I’m going to make an introductory offer to celebrate.

But because you are getting into the Six Weeks To A Calmer Stomach online program in the early times…

I’m willing to let you in for only $39.95

Try it risk free with our 30 day guarantee

 Yes, that’s right. One single payment of only $39.95.  And, yes, that is cheap. Considering the time, effort and research I’ve gone to over the last 15 years, and the high demand for my personal time.

 I could charge a great deal more. But I don’t want you to spend another year having to worry about where the next bathroom is.

 I don’t want you to spend another month unable to bounce out of bed and take all the challenges you face in your stride.

 And I don’t want you to spend another day waiting to take action. I want you to take back control of your digestive system now!

 So I’ve made this as accessible as possible to people who are ready to deal with their problem, get healthy, and feel like a teenager again.

 So if you’re ready to bring back youth and vitality, end the regime of chaos, and have a calmer stomach… all you have to do is click the Get Started Today button… and fill in the order form.

Get Started Today!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Travis Dierenfeldt M.D.

Board Certified Gastroenterologist

Manhattan, Kansas

P.S. Given the  30 day money back guarantee, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

P.P.S. I look forward to seeing you in the members area

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